To The Girl Who Thinks They Are “Too Emotional”


Dear friend,

To my understanding, there are days when you see yourself as “too emotional,” but what you don’t realize is that what you see as a flaw, is actually one of your greatest strengths.

When you hear bad news, you empathize with those affected. While some may brush other people’s problems under the rug, you don’t. When others may not care about what someone has to say, you do and that is by no means a flaw.

Because your heart feels for me, I know that I can count on you to be the mom friend. This meaning that you have a heart for your friends that shows you love them, yet also have their best interest in mind. You hate when people hurt your friends and you would risk your own happiness to protect them. Your caring spirit has let me know that I am not alone time and time again. When you think your tears are a sign of weakness, I see so much strength in your eyes. Those tears show that you are human just like I am and I can’t explain how much those remind me that I am not alone in my struggles.

It takes someone with a lot of courage to wear their heart on their sleeve the way that you do. For anyone who has hurt you because you let them in, I want to say that I am sorry they took advantage of your strong heart.

I owe you a huge thank you. Thank you for being the friend who feels pain for me when I am not strong enough to handle it myself. Thank you for reminding me that it is ok to be human and to let others in. Thank you for letting me in and sharing your struggles with me.

Your heart for the world around you shows through your actions. Your hugs, smiles, and tears, show that you have a heart of gold.

Continue to be you, tears and all. We all need someone who can empathize with us in our lives, and having you by my side has made life brighter.

So please, don’t let people tell you that this emotional side of you is a flaw. You remind those around you that they aren’t alone without even using your words.

Without you, the world would be a much colder place. Humanity needs you, even when you think there are too many tears shed, or that this is a flaw.

This side of you is nowhere near a flaw, but an accurate representation of the girl we all need in our lives.

Over the years, you have taught me to let things out, to talk about my feelings even when I want to avoid them forever. With your emotions you have taught me that my story matters. Now you need to know that yours does too.


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