An Anxious Mind

An Anxious Mind We all are so familiar with the term “anxiety”, but do we actually know what does it means to have an anxious mind in a healthy body?? Some say Anxiety can be helpful, as the fear of losing keeps us motivated to work hard. But i say anxiety can only be helpful till it doesn’t make you obsessed about anything or making you over think. Fact is, We can never understand the intensity of an anxiety if we had never gone through this once in a lifetime.
Anxiety can be on milder levels or on really intense levels. Milder levels of anxiety is something that we Face day to day routine. But what happens when it starts effecting our routine and disrupts functioning?? We come across people who say “get over it” or they judge you for not making daily tasks. May it be calling to some stranger for a help, or going to some new place, meeting new people, or going getting something from a market etc. These tasks might seem so usual and normal that anyone can do them. But what about that “anxious mind” who multiplies every single scenario by over thinking to a level that it starts making you fearful and shiver of anxiety. Anxiety has different forms and types. You cannot compare your type of anxiety with some other’s, because you are completely a different human being, you might have different “triggers” which boosts your anxieties! Comparing will leads you nowhere.
As if you are “social anxious”, then you cannot compare yourself with someone who is, “ a victim of anxiety due to post traumatic stress disorder”. An anxious mind is an “uncertain mind” or “a fearful” mind. Do you understand what happens when your own mind isn’t ready to believe what you are trying to tell him. Anxiety leads to frustration and exhaustion. They who tell you “get over it” needs to understand that there’s a huge difference between a normal mind and an anxious mind. Anxious mind needs to get calm, by your support and encouragement.
Your judgments will make it worse. Your critical words will make them lose confidence and their anxiety will become a hurdle. Message for anxiety warriors! You are the real strong souls. You are fighting each day. And trust me you will get over it one day. Just don’t ever give up! I believe in you.
By: Zuraa Khan.


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